Buying a Home in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts Buying a Home Attorney

Purchasing Homes in Massachusetts

Few decisions in life are as important, or as exciting, as buying a home and it will likely be the most expensive purchase you will ever make. When you enter into a real estate purchase and sale agreement, much is on the line for the home buyer, whether the purchase  is a typical single family house, luxury home, condominium, commercial property or raw land.  There are important issues to negotiate, contracts to draft and review, and a complex history of ownership transfers to be reviewed at the Registry of Deeds (commonly referred to as the "title"). It is extremely important to have a trusted real estate lawyer in MA to assist you with your purchase to protect your interests and advocate on your behalf. 

At Silveri & Wilson our real estate attorneys take legal representation, knowledge and expertise to another level above our competition.  We not only practice real estate law but regularly teach it as well and have become the "go to" instructor for several professional organizations.  We teach both attorneys and realtors about real estate law at the Boston Bar Association, Massachusetts Bar Association, Greater Boston Association of Realtors, and Tri-County Board of Realtors. 

Why you Need a Real Estate Lawyer in MA to Buy a Home

When you purchase a home, an attorney should be hired for many reasons, including the following:

  • The best use of time and money: Many people, who have attempted to complete the residential closing process without a real estate attorney in MA, find that when it becomes their turn to sell, they are trying to clean up outstanding problems that have existed since their original closing. More money often needs to be expended at this point for legal fees than would have originally been needed for legal fees and resolving title problems may prove difficult because of the amount of time that has passed.
  • Good title to your property: Your ownership rights to your property, commonly referred to as "title," can have some serious consequences attached to it (even if it is new construction). Although a house, or a condominium, might only have existed for a short period of time, the land itself dates back centuries and has had many owners. It is the land, not the structure, that is important. If someone else has an interest in the land, then they have an interest in any structures built thereon. It is well settled law in Massachusetts, that only an attorney can conduct residential real estate closings and ensure the title is free of any such ownership claims, outstanding mortgages, tax liens, incomplete probates, etc. No buyer wants to purchase land only to become involved in the middle of a lawsuit after the closing.
  • Professional negotiation and review of the "purchase and sale agreement": Residential real estate transactions have been the subject of much litigation in recent years simply because the purchase and sale agreement ("P&S") was not drafted properly and never reviewed by an attorney. Drafting and reviewing a contract and advising about the legal effect it has on the client is considered the practice of law and must be handled by a lawyer in Massachusetts. One of the many classes taught by Silveri & Wilson, LLC to other attorneys and real estate agents, focuses solely on the purchase and sale agreement. We are experts in this area.
  • Knowing and interpreting laws and regulations: Understanding the impact of Massachusetts, Federal and Local law on your purchase is especially important. For example, are you in compliance with lead paint regulations? Smoke detector and carbon monoxide regulations? Are their encumbrances on the title restricting your use of the property? Are there any encroachments that need to be dealt with from a neighboring parcel? You need a real estate lawyer who continues to stay current with the ever changing legal landscape.  The attorneys at Silveri & Wilson do just that.

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