Luxury Home Sales in Massachusetts

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Luxury Home Sales Massachusetts Attorney

Selling a Luxury Home in Massachusetts

Silveri & Wilson, LLC is a boutique law firm with offices in Newton and Danvers Massachusetts. We take pride in all aspects of our law practice and understand the unique requirements involved when selling a luxury home. While such requirements may be procedurally the same as in any other transaction, there is much more at stake, and many key differences are present that your real estate attorney must be familiar with. Whether you are selling beach front property, a mansion in the suburbs, a luxury condominium in Boston, or your golf course estate, we make your sale an easy stress free transaction so you can focus on your business, family, or simply just enjoy life.

To note a few of the important differences between a luxury home sale and a more traditional real estate closing consider the following questions:

  • Can your buyer afford to purchase luxury property? Has sufficient proof been provided to you to confirm that the buyer can afford to make such an expensive purchase in today's housing market? 
  • Will this be a cash transaction or does the buyer have a legitimate source of financing?
  • If the buyer is taking out a mortgage, will it be with an institutional mortgage lender or a private source of financing? Is it even likely that with today's lending restrictions, the buyer can even borrow enough to complete the transaction?
  • Has the buyer placed a large enough deposit with the purchase and sale agreement and/or offer to purchase to cover your losses if the contract is breached?
  • Does the buyer have a property that must be sold before your closing? Are any obstacles present that could stop the closing? What are your rights in the event that happens?
  • Is your property located in a gated community or some other type of home owner association? What approvals might be needed as part of the sale? Are there any restrictions on the land?
  • Have you consulted with your financial advisor regarding the best way to use the sale proceeds to maximize your wealth?

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At Silveri & Wilson, LLC, we take our representation, knowledge and expertise to another level above our competition.  As an example, we do not just practice real estate law, but we regularly teach it as well. We are one of the few law firms in Massachusetts with a licensed real estate instructor on staff and regularly teach both attorneys and realtors about real estate law at the Boston Bar Association, Massachusetts Bar Association, Greater Boston Association of Realtors, and Tri-County Board of Realtors. Experience our resposive, effective and cordial services today.