Massachusetts Probate Lawyers

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Massachusetts Probate Lawyers

About Probate in Massachusetts

Probating an estate in Massachusetts involves the complex process of transferring property from a deceased person to their beneficiaries and ensuring that any creditors with valid claims are paid. At Silveri & Wilson, we pride ourselves on being responsive, caring and compassionate to the needs of our clients during such difficult times—all while guiding them through the probate process and protecting their interests.

Our probate services include the following:

  • Probating Wills and Intestate Estates.
  • Distributing Estate Assets.
  • Trust Account Administration.
  • Probate Court Hearings.

When an Estate Must be Probated in Massachusetts

Probate Court involvement will be needed in the following situations:

  • Massachusetts Wills: Without Probate Court involvement, the deceased's Will cannot be given legal binding effect.
  • Deliver probate property to the correct people: Probate helps ensure that heirs, legatees, and devisees receive their proper shares as specified by either the Will, or according to the Massachusetts Intestate Statute.
  • Transferring personal property: Personal property in the sole name of the deceased can be transferred to the heirs only by the executor or administrator. The executor and administrator must be appointed by the probate court in order for such a person to have the authority to act.
  • Probating real estate: Even though real estate in the sole name of the deceased transfers and vests immediately to the beneficiaries, it is possible that the real estate could be attached to pay debts and taxes. To sell the property, particularly within the first year after death, a license to sell may need to be obtained from a Massachusetts Probate Court in order to deliver "good title" to the buyer.
  • Pay debts and expenses: Only the executor or administrator has the authority to pay any debts of the deceased.
  • Filing of Massachusetts and Federal Tax Returns: Only executors and administrators are authorized to file estate tax returns for both the decedent and the estate.

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