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Greater Boston Association of Realtors 

  • Stephen D. Silveri, Esq., Instructor, "Understanding and Handling Short Sales"
    May and September 2010.
  • Stephen D. Silveri, Esq., Instructor, "Common Real Estate Forms and Contracts"
    January, 2011.

Tri County Board of Realtors

  • Stephen D. Silveri, Esq., Instructor, "Understanding and Handling Short Sales"
    October 2009-Present (Quarterly).
  • Stephen D. Silveri, Esq., Instructor, "An Understanding of Real Estate Contracts for Realtors"
    February 2006-Present (Quarterly).
  • Stephen D. Silveri, Esq., Instructor, "Real Estate Closings & Settlement Procedures"
    November 2008-Present (Quarterly).

Boston Bar Association

  • Stephen D. Silveri, Esq., Panelist, "Beacon For New Lawyers: Tips for Getting Ahead in the Greater Boston Legal Community"
    June 2007.
  • Stephen D. Silveri, Esq., Instructor, "Purchase and Sale Agreements for the New Real Estate Associate"
    May 27, 2006, *February 22, 2007, and *February 27, 2008.
  • Stephen D. Silveri, Esq., Panelist, "Marketing Yourself as an Attorney"
      *Boston Bar Association, February 2006.
      *National Web-Broadcast through Westlaw.

Massachusetts Bar Association 

  • Stephen D. Silveri, Esq., Instructor, "Residential Purchase and Sale Agreements"
    October 17, 2007.
      *National Web-Broadcast through Westlaw.

Suffolk University Law School

  • Stephen D. Silveri, Esq., Panelist, "Finding a Job in Today's Market"
    March 2006 and February 2007.

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