Short Sale Attorney Massachusetts

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Massachusetts Short Sales Attorney

Short Sale Attorney Massachusetts 

When most property owners purchased their homes, they envisioned that its value would increase and when it came time for him or her to sell, the sale price would be high enough to payoff and release all mortgages on the property. The mere thought of foreclosure would have seemed impossible. 

When market prices fell in recent years, homeowners experienced a significant decrease in their home equity which significantly affected their ability to refinance or sell at a high enough price. When this situation is coupled with an adjusting loan, loss of employment, divorce, death of a wage earner, or other hardship, it often becomes impossible for the homeowner to meet financial obligations. Within months, the homeowner begins receiving notice of default from the mortgage lender, threats of accelerating the loan, and eventually notice that the home will be sold at a foreclosure auction.

In such a case, the homeowner may not have any other option other than to negotiate a short sale to avoid foreclosure. Short sales affect all types of real estate owners from all types of professions and all types of properties including condominium units, luxury homes, and investment property. They occur in every single city and town in Massachusetts and even in what would be considered more wealthy neighborhoods.

The short sale attorneys at Silveri & Wilson can help you to navigate through the complicated short sale process and help you to avoid the devastating financial and emotional effect of foreclosure and bankruptcy. We are well recognized short sale experts in Massachusetts and teach a regular class to real estate agents about short sales at the Greater Boston Real Estate Board and Tri-County Board of Realtors.  We also teach other real estate attorneys about real estate law, closings, and contracts at the Massachusetts Bar Association and Boston Bar Association.

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Contact us to learn more about how one of our real estate attorneys can help you with the short sale process in Massachusetts. For a more detailed discussion about short sales, read our article "What is a Short Sale?."

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