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Ready to Close on Commercial Property?

Connect with a commercial closing and title firm that has successfully helped thousands of buyers and sellers. Since 2004, our firm has identified, monitored, and solved virtually every closing challenge and inconvenience. We’ve seen it all, and we have the experience to make even the most complex process feel simple.

With Silveri + Wilson | Halcyon Closing + Escrow, a commercial closing attorney can help you save money and close faster, even when stakes are high.

Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Services

Our team is excited by complex transactions and unique challenges! Sign more favorable deals and build your wealth. Whether you’re closing on a small commercial property with straight-forward loan terms, or you need assistance with creative deal structuring, we can help.

Silveri + Wilson | Halcyon Closing + Escrow has experience with commercial purchases and sales of all sizes. We are uniquely equipped to offer end-to-end legal support for commercial needs across the state of Massachusetts.

Proactive Support

Our commercial closing attorneys provide rigorous reviews and thorough title searches to spot potential issues and get a jumpstart on resolutions. From drafting and negotiating contracts to preparing and recording title instruments, we double check every detail.

This includes:

  • Title search and title insurance coordination through a variety of carrier partners

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement review by a team of real estate attorneys

  • End-to-end coordination for closing and settlement

  • Coordinating lien releases

  • Post-signing management of deeds, real estate instruments, including recording

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