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Interested in Converting Condominiums?

Condo conversions are a popular, effective tool for restructuring real estate and adding value to your developments. By subdividing properties into individually owned condos, it’s often much easier to find prospective buyers and negotiate high-value deals.

However, the legal process is quite complex, and property owners must comply with strict rules at every level.

Streamline the process and minimize risk with an experienced condo conversion real estate attorney who can help you through every step. At Silveri + Wilson | Halcyon Closing + Escrow, we’re committed to your success.

End-to-End Support

From the first draft of your condominium documents to the last condo sale, our real estate attorneys are always on your side. Since 2004, our team has successfully helped thousands of clients close on their sale, including simple condo conversions and multi-unit properties.

Carefully drafted condominium documents can simplify and solve compliance challenges. We work hard to increase unit marketability and improve the long-term experience for buyers. We get the details right with precise documents and proactive solutions.

Silveri + Wilson | Halcyon Closing + Escrow works closely with a variety of clients. From experienced developers and investors to property owners who are converting their first multi-family property. As a boutique real estate law firm, we have the flexibility to tailor every service to you.

Our Services Include:

  • Reviewing and drafting condominium documents, unit deeds, and certificates

  • Recommending trusted surveying, architectural, insurance, and lending partners

  • Providing title, escrow, and closing services for individual units​

  • Facilitating conversion compliance with regulatory agencies

  • Preparing condominium bylaws and representing condo associations​

  • Drafting and preparing rental leases​

  • Resolving post-conversion legal issues​

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