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An estate plan involves protecting yourself, your assets, and providing for your loved ones. It answers the questions about incapacity. Who will act for you to make financial and health care related decisions if you cannot. It provides direction about who will serve as the guardian for minor children. It specifies what will happen to your assets upon your passing. Will your assets be protected for your beneficiaries or exposed to creditors and the time and expense of probate. A well-crafted estate plan minimizes family conflicts and reduces stress for your loved ones. It maintains family harmony with a streamlined transition and clearly defined decisions. 

Your Estate Planning Partner in Beverly, MA

From our initial consultation to the final signing, our Wills and Trust Lawyers are by your side at every step. Estate planning can seem daunting, but with our guidance, you’ll find confidence in making informed decisions that resonate with your personal and financial goals. With us, you’re not just a client. You’re a valued member of the Silveri + Wilson family, where every decision is made with your best interests at heart.

Our Comprehensive Services in Wills, Trusts & Estates

Our experienced Massachusetts Wills and Estates Lawyers can assist you with the planning and preparation of the following:

  • Revocable Living Trust ("RLT")

    Revocable Living Trust ("RLT") provide for the management and distribution of your assets in an efficient manner. They can serve a variety of purposes including probate avoidance, asset protection, estate tax minimization, incapacity planning, and more. Revocable Living Trusts help to keep the details of your estate more private by shielding information from the public probate process.

  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust ("ILIT")

    An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust is a specialized estate planning tool that allows individuals to remove life insurance from their taxable estate. By placing a life insurance policy within an ILIT, the proceeds can be passed directly to beneficiaries without being subject to estate taxes, providing substantial tax savings. Additionally, ILITs offer the grantor control over the distribution of the insurance proceeds, ensuring that the benefits are used according to their specific wishes.

  • Irrevocable Medicaid Asset Protection Trust ("MAPT")

    An Irrevocable Medicaid Asset Protection Trust ("MAPT") is designed to help individuals qualify for Medicaid while preserving their assets for their beneficiaries. By transferring assets into a MAPT, these assets are shielded from being counted for Medicaid eligibility purposes after the applicable look-back period. This helps to safeguard one's estate from long-term care costs and other creditors. Additionally, MAPTs allow for the controlled distribution of assets to beneficiaries, ensuring that wealth is passed on without directly impacting Medicaid qualifications. The MAPT is also known as an Irrevocable Income Only Trust ("IIOT").

  • Last Will & Testament

    A will specifies what happens to your probate property upon your passing. It nominates guardians, it can direct assets to a trust, and specifies who will be in charge of your estate (your Personal Representative). An estate plan that only contains a will must go through the probate process. A trust that has been funded with assets removes those assets from the time and expense associated with probate.

  • Durable Power of Attorney

    A Durable Power of Attorney allows you to designate an agent (also known as an "attorney in fact") to act on your behalf to manage your assets, and day-to-day affairs, in the event of your incapacity. Selecting the correct person to serve this role is critical.

  • Health Care Proxy

    A Health Care Proxy allows you to designate an agent to act on your behalf to make healthcare-related decisions for you, in the event of your incapacity. Like the durable power of attorney, careful consideration must be made about who your agent will be.

  • Living Will

    A living will is your detailed expression about the circumstances under which to cease medical treatment if you are incapacitated and there is no chance of a meaningful recovery. A living will is non-binding in Massachusetts. Your attending physician is therefore not obligated to following your direction.

  • Elder Law and Long-Term Care Planning

    Begin proactive planning today to secure your finances including your primary residence. Leverage our effective Irrevocable Medicaid Trust planning strategies to limit healthcare exposure. Effective techniques can include a Medicaid Income Only Irrevocable Trust (IIOT), a Life Estate Deed, Testamentary Trusts, and other strategies.

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Unlock the full potential of your legacy with a tailored estate plan, designed to empower and protect you and your loved ones. Regardless of your estate’s size or complexity, our wills and trust lawyers are here to ensure a seamless, customized solution that evolves with your ever-changing life. Transform your tomorrow, safeguard your assets, and cherish the moments that matter most, knowing that your legacy is in capable hands. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your estate planning needs.

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