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Our office is backed by major title insurance companies, and we work hard to ensure that we have access to the best title resources and provide premium services for clients. Whether you’re buying, selling, lending, or working as a realtor, it is essential to have an accurate, complete picture of the owner’s legal rights to own, use, and sell the land.

Understanding Title Insurance

Many title defects, including forged deeds, unpaid taxes, liens, and recording errors, are not part of the public record. No matter how meticulous a closing agent is in their title review, there is no way to identify and address every risk. Even if the threat was unforeseen, the impact is still very real.

There are many scenarios that can leave homeowners with ongoing responsibility for the mortgage and no ownership rights to their property. This risk applies to new construction and condominiums as well as houses with many previous owners.

Lender’s title insurance is a mandatory policy, and homeowners pay the premium, but it doesn’t provide any protection for the home buyer. Homeowner’s insurance also doesn’t defend your right to the land. Only owner’s title insurance can protect you against financial losses and defend against lawsuits that attack your title.

Our Process

Our closing attorneys take care of everything. We step up and help clients maximize negotiations, overcome legal challenges, and manage complex timelines so that you don’t have to.

You already put in the hard work to make the sale. Now all you have to do is collect the signatures, congratulate your clients, and celebrate!

  • Detect Problems

    Your real estate closing attorney at Silveri + Wilson will issue your title policy after completing and reviewing a thorough title exam. We can also search the databases of many major title insurance companies to learn as much as we can about the property’s title and history.

  • Prevent Delays

    As your closing and settlement agent, we are committed to helping you close on schedule. The sooner that we can identify defects and contact underwriters to resolve issues, the better. We take a proactive approach and have experience expediting claims for faster resolutions.

  • Eliminate Risk

    Our title insurance partners are industry leaders with trustworthy, established reputations. We are proud to recommend policies and help clients find the right owner’s title insurance company to meet their needs – both during the closing process and after.

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